300-101 ROUTE Online Test-Implementing Cisco IP Routing

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Our 300-101 ROUTE online test only offer 20 questions, it contains single choice and multiple choice,5 points for questions you get correct ,if you answer correctly part of multiple choice, you can get part of 5 points.

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A company’s corporate policy has been updated to require that stateless, 1-to-1, and IPv6 to IPv6 translations at the Internet edge are performed. What is the best solution to ensure compliance with this new policy?


Which two functions are completely independent when implementing NAT64 over NAT-PT? (Choose two.)


When using SNMPv3 with NoAuthNoPriv, which string is matched for authentication?


After a recent DoS attack on a network, senior management asks you to implement better logging functionality on all IOS-based devices. Which two actions can you take to provide enhanced logging results? (Choose two.)


A network engineer finds that a core router has crashed without warning. In this situation, which feature can the engineer use to create a crash collection?


A network engineer is trying to implement broadcast-based NTP in a network and executes the ntp broadcast client command. Assuming that an NTP server is already set up, what is the result of the command?


What is a function of NPTv6?


IPv6 has just been deployed to all of the hosts within a network, but not to the servers. Which feature allows IPv6 devices to communicate with IPv4 servers?


A network engineer initiates the ip sla responder tcp-connect command in order to gather statistics for performance gauging. Which type of statistics does the engineer see?


A network engineer executes the “ipv6 flowset” command. What is the result?


A network engineer executes the show ip flow export command. Which line in the output indicates that the send queue is full and export packets are not being sent?


A network engineer is asked to configure a “site-to-site” IPsec VPN tunnel. One of the last things that the engineer does is to configure an access list (access-list 1 permit any) along with the command ip nat inside source list 1 int s0/0 overload. Which functions do the two commands serve in this scenario?


A network engineer is configuring a solution to allow failover of HSRP nodes during maintenance windows, as an alternative to powering down the active router and letting the network respond accordingly. Which action will allow for manual switching of HSRP nodes?


A network engineer is notified that several employees are experiencing network performance related issues, and bandwidth-intensive applications are identified as the root cause. In order to identify which specific type of traffic is causing this slowness, information such as the source/destination IP and Layer 4 port numbers is required. Which feature should the engineer use to gather the required information?


An organization decides to implement NetFlow on its network to monitor the fluctuation of traffic that is disrupting core services. After reviewing the output of NetFlow, the network engineer is unable to see OUT traffic on the interfaces. What can you determine based on this information?


A network engineer has left a NetFlow capture enabled over the weekend to gather information regarding excessive bandwidth utilization. The following command is entered:
switch#show flow exporter Flow_Exporter-1
What is the expected output?


Which two methods of deployment can you use when implementing NAT64? (Choose two.)


Which NetFlow component is applied to an interface and collects information about flows?


Refer to the exhibit.
Which statement about the output of the show flow-sampler command is true?


What is the result of the command ip flow-export destination 5858?


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