820-427 BTBBSS Online Test-Building Business Specialist Skills (BTBBSS)

At present, Our 820-427 BTBBSS online test are the perfect way to brush up your skills, Take our 820-427 BTBBSS online test for a run-through of commonly asked questions. You will get incredibly detailed scoring results at the end of your 820-427 BTBBSS online test to help you identify your strenghts and weaknesses.

Our 820-427 BTBBSS online test only offer 20 questions, it contains single choice and multiple choice,5 points for questions you get correct ,if you answer correctly part of multiple choice, you can get part of 5 points.

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Which three dimensions can you use to categorize a business capability? (Choose three.)


Which two are efficient ways to capture details about your organization’s current technology capabilities? (Choose two.)


A regional bank wants to improve the customer satisfaction score for its online banking user base by 25%. Which two system capabilities best support this business outcome? (Choose two.)


A business lead in a Fortune 100 customer service organization wants to optimize the efficiency of his service incident team, while having the ability to rapidly respond to changing market conditions in the industry. Which incident management platform best supports these goals?


The Sales leader is an important stakeholder. Why is it important to map technology capabilities to his interests?


A business lead in a large service supply chain organization wants to improve information sharing within his operations team through the use of wikis and other collaboration technologies. After a quick assessment, he found an internal wiki offering that marginally met the needs of his group, and he learned that the company has a two-year roadmap to upgrade the wiki to a more feature-rich product. What is his best course of action that delivers immediate business value while aligning with the company’s goal of reducing long-term operations costs?


An IT team is designing a Proof of Concept (PoC) for a mobile email account provisioning system. Which best describes this activity?


You need to decide on a maintenance approach for a private cloud storage and backup solution. Which would be a good alternative?


An IT Architect for an international consulting firm is tasked with gathering technical requirements for the company’s new email platform. What is the most effective way to understand the business capability needs from the user community?


Which two statements are true about Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Critical Success Factors (CSFs)? (Choose two.)


A new video solution is being adopted more slowly than the business needs it to be. Which phase/activity most likely caused this issue?


A large company acquires a smaller, more innovative start-up company. What should you think about to ensure a smooth transition to your solutions?


You are starting the Design phase for a new customer management center. What do you need to understand about users and their interests?


Which IT roles should be interested in requirements for solution adoption?


Two mid-level marketing managers have decision authority for a new reporting system. Which approach can identify a reliable view of requirements for this solution?


With reference to the Healthcare market, which can be seen as a compelling event representing an opportunity for virtual desktop technology?


You typically have some measure of control over which two factors of SWOT? (Choose two.)


When discovering the potential solution options for addressing business needs, what is a the purpose of doing a gap analysis?


What method is recommended for mapping out an organization’s current processes and to design future processes?


Why should a Solution Architect develop a business case?


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