210-455 CLDADM online test-Introducing Cisco Cloud Administration

At present, Our 210-455 CLDADM online test are the perfect way to brush up your skills, Take our 210-455 CLDADM online test for a run-through of commonly asked questions. You will get incredibly detailed scoring results at the end of your 210-455 CLDADM online test to help you identify your strenghts and weaknesses.

Our 210-455 CLDADM online test only offer 10 questions, it contains single choice and multiple choice,10 points for questions you get correct ,if you answer correctly part of multiple choice, you can get part of 10 points.

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Which option lists the common cloud characteristics?


Which component of Cisco Prime Service Catalog allows it to communicate with Cisco Process Orchestrator?


Which option describes the main purpose of the stack designers in Cisco Prime Service Catalog?


Which option lists the orchestration types that can be selected when a user orders an application stack in Cisco Prime Service Catalog?


Where are the main fault logs for root cause analysis located?


Which service is required for a functional PXE install environment in Cisco UCS Director Bare Metal Agent?


Which option lists the four possible indicators of relative severity listed from the most to least severe?


How many policies are required by Cisco UCS Director to provision VMs?


In the storage system, which device represents the root partition by default?


Which three policies must the administrator configure in Cisco UCS Director before creating a virtual data center? (Choose three.)


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