642-035 DCUCT Online Test-Troubleshooting Cisco Data Center Unified Computing

At present, Our 642-035 DCUCT online test are the perfect way to brush up your skills, Take our 642-035 DCUCT online test for a run-through of commonly asked questions. You will get incredibly detailed scoring results at the end of your 642-035 DCUCT online test to help you identify your strenghts and weaknesses.

Our 642-035 DCUCT online test only offer 15 questions, it contains single choice and multiple choice,6-7 points for questions you get correct ,if you answer correctly part of multiple choice, you can get part of 6-7 points.

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A customer is trying to boot an operating system that is installed on the eUSB on a Cisco UCS B-Series blade server; however, the boot fails. What is the cause of this failure?


A customer is troubleshooting degraded DIMM errors on a Cisco UCS blade server and would like to reset the BMC. What is the correct command sequence to reset the BMC.?


Which commands can you enter to see if a component in the Cisco UCS domain generated a core file?


Which four tech support files can you create with the Cisco UCS Manager that you can submit to Cisco TAC for support? (Choose four.)


Which protocols can be used to send to Cisco TAC (Technical Assistance Center) the show tech-support command output information about the Cisco UCS domain? (Choose two.)


The Cisco UCS Manager displays FSM information for which four of these? (Choose four.)


How will the Cisco UCS Manager react when all of the FSM tasks fail?


What should you do when you see faults during the initial setup and discovery process?


When using the Cisco UCS Manager GUI to troubleshoot a suspected bad memory, which logs contain data that are related to the faulty DIMM?


Which three are valid tech support bundles to collect in the local management shell? (Choose three.)


The Core File Exporter automatically exports cores to a remote server as they are generated. Which protocol does it use for this action?


Which log file in Cisco UCS Manager contains information about which user took a specific action?


Which statement is true about system event logs?


Which piece of information does the FSM provide?


Which of these does not have an FSM associated with it?


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