642-885 SPADVROUTE Online Test-Deploying Cisco Service Provider Advanced Routing (SPADVROUTE)

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When a BGP route reflector receives an IBGP update from a non-client IBGP peer, the route reflector will then forward the IBGP updates to which other router(s)?


Which two BGP mechanisms are used to prevent routing loops when using a design with redundant route reflectors? (Choose two.)


Which two statements correctly describe the BGP ttl-security feature? (Choose two.)


When implementing source-based remote-triggered black hole filtering, which two configurations are required on the edge routers that are not the signaling router? (Choose two.)


In Cisco IOS-XR, the maximum-prefix command, to control the number of prefixes that can be installed from a BGP neighbor, is configured under which configuration mode?


In Cisco IOS-XR, the ttl-security command is configured under which configuration mode?


Which three methods can be used to reduce the full-mesh IBGP requirement in a service provider core network? (Choose three.)


Which type of BGP session behaves like an EBGP session during session establishment but behaves like an IBGP session when propagating routing updates where the local preference, multi-exit discriminator, and next-hop attributes are not changed?


You noticed a recent change to the BGP configuration on a PE router, the bgp scan time has been changed from the default value to 30s. Which three effects will this change have? (Choose three.)


On Cisco IOS-XR, which BGP process can be distributed into multiple instances?


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