642-887 SPCORE Online Test-Implementing Cisco Service Provider Next-Generation Core Network Services

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Which three conditions can occur when metering traffic using a dual token bucket traffic policing QoS mechanism on Cisco routers? (Choose three.)


What is the correct formula for determining the CIR.?


DS-TE implementations on Cisco routers support which bandwidth pool(s) and class type(s)? (Choose two.)


Which field in the MPLS shim header is used to support different QoS markings?


On a Cisco IOS XR router, which mechanism protects the router resources by filtering and policing the packets flows that are destined to the router that is based on defined flow-type rates?


When configuring LLQ (strict priority queue) on a traffic class using the Cisco IOS XR priority command on a Cisco ASR9K router, which additional QoS command is required for this traffic class?


On the Cisco ASR9K router, when using the bandwidth command to specify the minimum guaranteed bandwidth to be allocated for a specific class of traffic, what will be used as the queuing algorithm?


When implementing MPLS DS-TE on Cisco IOS XR routers, all aggregate Cisco MPLS TE traffic is mapped to which class type by default?


On the Cisco IOS XR, which MQC configuration is different than on the Cisco IOS and IOS XE?


On Cisco routers, how is hierarchical QoS implemented?


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