642-747 IUWMS Online Test-Implementing Cisco Unified Wireless Mobility Services (IUWMS)

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Which two issues may need to be considered when using DAS to support location-tracking services? (Choose two.)


Which issue may lead to inconsistent wireless client locations being reported by Cisco WCS v7.0?


Which three options describe ways in which the Cisco Compatible Extensions S36 message is used in Cisco WLC v7.0? (Choose three.)


You have a customer interested in adding RFID tags to track the movement of containers of work in process in their manufacturing facility. Which type of RFID tags and which Wi-Fi band are most appropriate using their existing Cisco Unified Wireless Network based on v7.0? (Choose two.)


A calibration model has been created for a specific floor in Cisco WCS v7.0. Which two events are more likely to affect location accuracy and compel a new calibration? (Choose two.)


What are the two message formats that a Cisco WCS v7.0 can use to send a context-aware tracking event notification to an external destination? (Choose two.)


Which two descriptions are examples of how location services can be adjusted at the Cisco WLC v7.0? (Choose two.)


If the wired infrastructure network latency becomes an issue, which adjustments can be made for collection of location information using Cisco WCS v7.0?


Refer to the exhibit. To provide the best coverage for location-tracking services, where should the APs be located?


The Cisco 3300 Series MSE v7.0 receives three RSSI measurements that are higher than -75 dBm for a given device and multiple measurements that are lower than -75 dBm. How does Cisco MSE perform the location calculation?


Which location-tracking solution requires clock synchronization on receivers only?


How is distance determined using the RF fingerprinting technique?


When implementing interface groups, how are the IP addresses sourced via DHCP for wireless clients?


Controllers WLC_1 and WLC_2 are in different mobility domains. A wireless client that has the same VLAN interface roams from WLC_1 to WLC_2. What happens to the client roaming?


Controllers WLC_1 and WLC_2 are in the same mobility group. A wireless client that has the same VLAN interface roams from WLC_1 to WLC_2. What happens to the client roaming?


Which statement describes the purpose of the Cisco WLC v7.0 AP global configuration parameter AP Primary Discover Timeout?


Which two options describe the RF group leader when using multiple v7.0 controllers? (Choose two.)


Which ports would require unrestricted port access for CleanAir RF spectrum analysis between the AP and Cisco Spectrum Expert?


A Cisco WLC v7.0 is not seeing an AP join. Which starting prefix debug command can help determine a combination of discovery/join and DHCP process status?


What is the recommendation for the maximum number of APs per VLAN?


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