600-502 NPDEV Online Test-Developing with Cisco Network Programmability

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A packet-encapsulated NVGRE is sent from one virtual switch to another virtual switch. When the DF bit of the outer IP header is set, the packet is dropped by the switch-X between them because the frame size is bigger than the MTU size of interfaces of the switch-X. Which action is the correct one to fix this problem without impacting performance?


Which type of testing ensures that new code changes in one area of the software do not break or introduce defects in another area?


Which option describes the role of Garbage Collection, which is a built-in feature in several modern programming languages such as Java?


Which command is used to find the string “connected” in file “controller.log”, assuming a Linux environment?


Which description of a “libvirt” is true?


Which test must be performed to test the redundancy and high availability of an application against component failures?


Which option lists the correct order of the steps in a software release life cycle?


The application code must be tested continuously throughout all phases of development cycle.Which type of testing is where developers test each method, function, or code block thoroughly prior to integration with rest of the code?


Which option describes integration testing?


You must test that your Cisco onePK application on the Linux host can establish the onePK session with the Cisco IOS router device.Which four options must be verified before starting the test? (Choose four.)


Which type of testing focuses on a specific section of source code?


Which type of testing is focused on identifying defects in previously working functionality?


Which description of negative unit testing is true?


Which two activities should you consider when you execute a test? (Choose two.)


Which group (job role) is typically responsible for performing the “unit testing”?


After the implementation phase is complete, the test engineer must perform a test to verify that a log in requirement of entering a user ID and password is functioning properly.Which type of testing is this commonly referred to?


Which CLI command displays the version of Cisco onePK that your router currently supports?


You need to stop a Cisco onePK application quickly on a router.Which CLI command should you use to stop the application called CPU_hog_App?


Assume your application called StartMyRoute is running on your router and has established a route.Which statement describes how you can quickly determine whether the route was established?


In a complex software environment, the root cause of a failure is not easily determined. A troubleshooting mechanism displays a sequential list of methods or functions starting from the point where the error originated to the point of the error was first reported.Which name is this list of sequential methods or functions commonly referred to?


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