600-511 NPDESACI Online Test-Designing with Cisco Network Programmability for ACI

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Our 600-511 NPDESACI online test only offer 20 questions, it contains single choice and multiple choice,5 points for questions you get correct ,if you answer correctly part of multiple choice, you can get part of 5 points.

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Which two constructs make up a security policy within the Cisco APIC? (Choose two.)


Which three options are the major components of the ACI fabric? (Choose three.)


Which three host encapsulations does ACI fabric support? (Choose three.)


Which statement about the role of a spine switch is true?


Which type of ACI switch provides Layer 3 connections to outside networks?


Which statement about the infrastructure requirements for an ACI fabric is true?


Which statement about designing a migration approach of an existing Data Center network to Cisco ACI is true?


Which option is for migrating an existing Data Center network to Cisco ACI?


In which three ways can a Layer 4 to Layer 7 service node be integrated into an ACI fabric? (Choose three.)


Which four types of devices can be connected to a leaf device in an ACI fabric? (Choose four.)


In an ACI topology, what is the minimum required number of Cisco APICs?


A session is authenticated to make API calls via the REST API of the Cisco APIC. Which option is the default token timeout for that session?


Which three types of interface are supported on border leaf switches to connect to an external router? (Choose three.)


Which three options are three primary functions of ACI fabric spine switches? (Choose three.)


Which two options are components of a device package? (Choose two.)


Which two options are two intended uses of Layer 3-External in the ACI fabric? (Choose two.)


What is the purpose of the mgmt tenant?


Which network devices should be connected to the spine?


Which two types of data formats are supported by the RESTful APIs? (Choose two.)


Where should network services be placed in an ACI fabric?


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