600-504 NPENG Online Test-Implementing Cisco Network Programmability

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How many significant requirements must a business comply with for PCI Standards Council certification?


Which two protocols are used within a Cisco onePK application when using an encrypted communications device? (Choose two.)


Which command shows the amount of input/output bytes used between an onePK application and the target device(s)?


Which technology helps to determine the average UDP latency between two places in the network?


Which two methods increase the overall network bandwidth for a web host? (Choose two.)


Which two commands are needed to view load averages of a server to sample normal operation? (Choose two.)


Which Cisco onePK SDK function prints user-friendly error messages?


You are responsible for deploying a Cisco onePK designed network infrastructure.Which four options are Cisco recommended best practices when defining naming conventions? (Choose four).


A network administrator reports that a new OpenFlow-enabled switch fails to register to a controller.Which three troubleshooting tasks can help to resume operations? (Choose three.)


Which four considerations are critical to achieve the full potential of the underlying IT infrastructure and to understand the environment an application is deployed in? (Choose four.)


Which three pieces of information are required for the Cisco Extensible Network Controller to encrypt OpenFlow traffic using TLS? (Choose three.)


Which combination is valid for a running Extensible Network Controller instance?


Which two master/agent model configuration automation solutions should you use to automate switch configuration and upgrades? (Choose two.)


Which programming language is used to develop Chef recipes?


Which CLI command can you use on an Cisco IOS-based device to see the CPU utilization impact of a connected onePK application?


Which option describes the best way to see the Thrift messages between a onePK-based application and a network element without enabling debugs?


During application development using network capability, which three applications help to identify network problems that are happening on your application? (Choose three.)


Your application encounters an error when writing data on a file. To troubleshoot, you enter the df –h command.
Which option describes what you can check with this command?


You want to see the CPU usage and monitor it for a while. Which command provides that information?


You are troubleshooting an application that installs application routes into the routing table of your core network routers.Which serviceability feature helps to troubleshoot transient application routes?


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