H13-711-ENU HCNA-Big Data V1.0 Exam practice test

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Share some HCNA-Big Data H13-711-ENU exam questions and answers below.
Which of the following description on the role of stand-by NameNode in Huawei FusionInsight HD system is correct? (Multiple choice)

A. Main NameNode’s hot standby

B. stand-by NameNode has no memory requirements

C. help the main NameNode merge edit log, reduce the main NameNode’s start time

D. The stand-by NameNode should be deployed to a node with the main NameNode

Answer: AC

In FusionInsight HG system, you must set the number of Partitions and the number of copies when creating a Kafka Topic. Setting multiple copies can enhance the DR capability of Kafka services.

A. True

B. False

Answer: A

Which of the following ways or interface is provided by Loader for job management? (Multiple choice)

A. Web UI

B. Linux command line

C. Rest interface

D. Java API

Answer: ABCD

In a FusionInsight Hadoop cluster, the cluster size is 70 nodes. If the recommended deployment scheme is adopted, which partitions must not exist on the management node? (Multiple choice)

A. /srv/BigData/zookeeper

B. /srv/BigData/dbdata_om

C. /srv/BigData

D. /srv/BigData/jurnalnode

E. /srv/BigData/hadoop/data5

Answer: ABCD

Which of the following design is mainly considered in the planning of Big data business consulting services program? (Multiple choice)

A. Big Data Business Model Design

B. Business scene panoramic planning

C. Typical scene requirement design

D. scene decomposition and business design

Answer: ABCD

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