HCS-Pre-sales Storage H19-308-ENU practice test

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Share some Huawei Specialist Certification H19-308-ENU exam questions and answers below.
What is the mian advantages of the OceanStor V3 deduplication compression? (Multiple Choice)

A. Deduplication Online

B. After Deduplication

C. Lengthen Deduplication

D. Provide the deduplication compression accelerator card to enhance the system deduplication compression performance

Answer: AD

OceanStor V3 heterogeneous virtualization supports NAS features.



Answer: B

If customers want to deal with business growth smoothly, reducing the investment of the initial equipment, which of the following software function can be recommended to customers?

A. Thin provisioning

B. Snapshot

C. Remote Copy

D. Deduplication


What is the maximum number of the host interfaces that 5600/5800 V3 supports? (Per Controller)

A. 10

B. 12

C. 20

D. 28

Answer: D

Which type of network scaleout the OceanStor V3 uses?



C. infiniband


Answer: B

HyperLock is the feature of OceanStor V3 file system WORM, it currently supports the compliance with regulations level protected mode.



Answer: A

The architecture that Huawei’s two-three-center disaster recovery program supports is £º

A. Parallel Architecture, Cascade Architecture

B. Parallel Architecture, Star Architecture

C. Cascade Architecture, Star Architecture

D. Parallel Architecture, Cascade Architecture, Star Architecture

Answer: A

What is the maximum capacity of OceanStor V3 single file system?

A. 12TB

B. 12PB

C. 12PB

D. 16PB

Answer: D

Which of the following features are currently supported by the S2600T V2? (Multiple Choice)

A. Array Snapshot HyperSnap

B. Remote Replication HyperReplication

C. SmartCache

D. Thin Provisioning SmartThin

E. Multi-controller (>2)

Answer: ABCD

About Smartner, SmartQoS, SmartPartition, Smartcache, which of the following statements are correct? (Multiple Choice)

A. All are the efficiency-enhancing softwares.

B. SmartCache uses SSD to divide into a separate performance level to speed up the data

C. SmartTier puts the appropriate data to the the appropriate place (storage layer) at the right time.

D. SmartPartition’s core idea is to ensure the performance of critical applications through the system core resources partition.

E. Smart QoS can intelligently allocate and adjust the computing resources, cache resources, concurrent resources and hard disk resources in the storage system to meet the different QoS requirements of the different storage services on the same storage device.

Answer: ABCDE

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