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Share some HCIE-R&S H12-261-ENU exam questions and answers below.
A company from a carrier rented a 1Mbps CIR frame relay special line, recent stability is not good, frequent oscillation, network administrators found in the configuration of router parameters forgot to configure CIR parameters, after fixing the problem, the line will restore stability.
A. True
B. False
Answer: B

The SPF algorithm, which of the following description is correct? (Multiple choice)
A. SPF algorithm also called Djkstra algorithm
B. SPF algorithm only uses in the first time to calculate the shortest path tree
C. When router calculate the shortest path tree, with itself as the root to build SPF tree
D. when router calculate the shortest path tree, with its target segment as the root to build SPF tree
E. HW router default OSPF reference bandwidth is 10^9/BW
Answer: ABC

You want to make sure that key business in the network HW get high priority.
which field does IP Precedence of data packets based on to set?
A. All the 8 bit of ToS field
B. the first 4, 5 and 6 bit in ToS field
C. three least significant bits in ToS field
D. three most significant bits in ToS field
Answer: D

HW users are very much transmission via TFTP file.
What protocol is relied on by TFTP for transmission?
B. IP and TCP
Answer: E

You are now in a LAN troubleshoot, and you suspect that the error was due to operating mode mismatch.
Which switch interface error indicates the 10/100/1000 IEEE Gigabit interface operating mode mismatch? (Multiple choice)
A. Alignment Error
B. FCS Error
C. Multiple Collisions
D. Ultra-small Frame
E. Excessive Conflict
F. Lag Conflict
Answer: ABDEF

Which of the following description about GVRP interface registration mode in Huawei switch is true?
A. GVRP interface registration mode have four types.
B. When selecting Normal registration mode, allows the interface dynamic registration and logout VLAN. Logout here include deleting dynamically learned VLAN and VLAN administrators created in the unit .
C. When selecting Forbidden registration mode, the interface layer 2 working mode must be Hybrid.
D. When selecting Fixed registration mode, interface can’t spread dynamic WLAN.
Answer: D

When troubleshooting in a local area network, you notice that there are a large number of frame alignment False, FCSFalse and Lag of conflict.
what is the possible reason to cause this problem?
A. switch and terminal by 10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet link connected, and the working mode of the switch and terminal is half duplex
B. in most of the environment all have such False
C. working mode on 1000Base-LX/LH link don’t match
D. Working mode on 10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet link don’t match
Answer: D

Which description about ISIS extension feature is true? (Multiple choice)
A. ISIS can choose whether verification to received SNP and LSP data packets.
B. When the amount of information which ISIS will publish in link-state protocol data packet PDU is too large, ISIS router will generate multiple LSP fragment, to carry more ISIS information.
C. After enabled router LSP fragment extension function, don’t need to restart ISIS process, you can use this feature.
D. If there are other vendors equipment on the network and does not support the LSP fragment function, must configure the fragment extension mode to Mode-1, or the other vendor’s device can’t identify the message.
Answer: ABD

You want to set the DSCP value of VoIP traffic in HW network device as EF.
According to distinguish service model RFC, flow mark EF should be set to:
A. DSCP is set as decimal 36
B. IP ToS is set as 0xEF
C. IP Experimental ECN
D. DSCP is set as decimal 5
E. Bit Stream 101110
Answer: E

The following description of ASM model and SSM model, which is right?(please select three correct answer)
A. in SSM model, the receiver can know in advance the position of the multicast source
B. in ASM model, the receiver will not be able to know in advance the position of the multicast source
C. for the receiver, SSM model is better than ASM model
D. ASM model and SSM model use IP multicast address range is different
Answer: ABD

As shown below, which routes will R2 learn?

A. R2 can learn R1 all routes .
B. R2 can learn router.
C. R2 can learn and two routes.
D. R2 can receive R1 LSP, but can not be added to the routing table.
Answer: A

What are the key component of NAC?
A. communication agent
B. NAC equipment
C. access terminal
D. policy server
Answer: ABD

You’re troubleshooting frame relay interface serial 0 on HW router. When the interface is up and quickly enters the down state. You use the command display interface, see LMI status message of interface serial has been sent but not received.
So what causes the problem occur?
A. Receive too much error message on the link
B. Frame Relay Imi-type configuration error
C. Subinterface number exceeds the limits of the IDB
D. DCD configuration errors on the frame relay line
E. Ends of keepalive configuration error
Answer: B

To check if figure below about the process of NDP analysis link-layer address is True.

A. True
B. False
Answer: B

Which of the following description about data traffic load sharing in Huawei equipment is true?
A. only LACP and LLDP protocol in Huawei devices can implement data traffic load sharing.
B. Huawei device supports PoS, Serial, Ethernet and other types of interface link aggregation and load sharing.
C. under the Huawei switches Eth-trunk interface, the default is based on source MAC address and destination IP address foreignlands for load sharing.
D. under Huawei switches Eth-trunk interface may be based on data frame CoS values do hash algorithm to achieve load sharing.
Answer: B

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