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Share some IBM Certified Technical Sales Specialist C9010-262 exam questions and answers below.
A customer has older generations of Power servers that they want to manage with their E870 server from the same 7042-CR8 HMC running V8R8.2.0.

What is the earliest Power server generation that is supported with this HMC level?





Answer: A

Which of the following is true for an IBM Power Enterprise processor pool?

A. The master HMC is defined using an client-created XML file which lists serial number of each Enterprise Pool Participate (EPP).

B. A server is deleted from, or added to, the pool when the client creates a new XML file.

C. Multiple physical sites are supported, but each site must have right to access to the master HMC.

D. The master HMC and backup master HMC can be concurrently assigning activations and resources to servers in the pool.

Answer: C

Which benefit does PowerCare provide?

A. Five years of 24 by 7 hardware and software maintenance

B. Techline support

C. Total Solution discounts

D. Consulting at no additional charge

Answer: D

A P0WER6 customer is considering an upgrade to a new Power System, and needs to ensure availability at a DR site. The recovery point must be as close to current as possible without going to continuous availability. Recovery time must be less than four hours.

What should be proposed to the customer?

A. Utilize a dual VIOS system to provide redundancy.

B. Utilize PowerHA to replicate the server and storage to a backup system and manage the failover.

C. Create a PowerVM configuration that has two instances of the server with Power mirrored storage.

D. Create a clustered system with a Primary and backup system using a single SAN attached storage device.

Answer: B

A customer is interested in running a dual VIOS configuration, and wants to avoid SAN boot for the VIOS.

Which of the following solutions should be recommended?

A. Allocate iSCSI storage on two separate adapters for the VIOS boot disks.

B. Allocate Fibre Channel storage to the machine and then use vSCSI to the VIOS for boot disks.

C. Allocate two SAS disks on two separate SAS adapters for VIOS boot disks.

D. Allocate two Fibre Channel LUNs and two iSCSI LUNs, then give one of each to the VIOS boot disks.

Answer: C

What is the minimum amount of rack space that an 80 core E870, without any I/O drawers, will take up in a 19 inch rack?

A. 8U

B. 10U

C. 22U

D. 12U

Answer: D

A managed service provider offering retail cloud services on E870 with DS8870 storage would like to use storage copy services to replicate data between a primary and secondary data center located 200 miles (322 km) apart.

Which product is required?

A. FlashCopy

B. Metro Mirror

C. Global Mirror

D. Snapshot

Answer: C

A retail customer has implemented the following at each store location:

• A Linux-based POS9 (Point of Sale) application

• A data collection application on an x86 system

• An additional S822L running data analytics

The customer wants to consolidate to a single system in each store. They prefer the POWER platform, but stated concern about the data structure of the POS systems.

What can be presented to the customer to minimize this concern?

A. The ability of Power Systems to support little-Endian and big-Endian Linux instances on the same server.

B. The memory system of Power Servers is Endian neutral.

C. The POS system can be re-compiled to support the big-Endian structure needed by the analytics application.

D. PowerKVM enables Endian neutrality.

Answer: A

Which feature of the POWER8 processor can be used to improve performance in a Websphere Application Server environment compared to an x86 processor?

A. Transactional Memory (TM)

B. L4 cache

C. Agnostic Memory interface


Answer: A

Which P0WER8 processor feature was announced to deliver balanced system performance?

A. Energy Scale Technology

B. TPMD (Thermal Power Management Device)

C. Level 4 (L4) cache

D. 20 partitions per core

Answer: C

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