NetApp Certified Data Administrator, ONTAP NS0-158 exam dumps

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Share some Network Appliance NCDA Certification NS0-158 exam questions and answers below.
You acquired a new company that has the same private IP address range.

What must be set up on the NetApp cluster to support the duplicate networks?


B. failover groups

C. IPspaces

D. DNS zone

Answer: C

An administrator creates an account for a new user, and wants this user to have limited capabilities accessing SSH. The administrator defined the account, but the user still has full control.

Which two settings would the administrator use to correct this problem? (Choose two.)

A. the user account settings in OnCommand system Manager

B. the user account settings of the admin account

C. the user account settings in Windows Active Directory Users and Computers

D. the user account settings in the clustershell

Answer: A,D

When assigning shelf IDs to SAS-connected shelves, which statement is true?

A. They only need to be unique within an HA pair.

B. They only need to be unique within a stack.

C. They only need to be unique within a node.

D. They need to be unique within a cluster.

Answer: A

You have created a storage virtual machine named SVM1 with a NetBIOS name of FILES1 and you have successfully joined the Active Directory domain. You have created a CIFS share called SHARE1 and have given read/write access to all users. Network connectivity has been verified.

To which path should the users be mapping?





Answer: B

You create an SVM named svm7. Its DNS name is ntap7. In svm7, you create a volume named vol1 with a junction path of /users.

An NFS client would mount the root of vol1 using which path?

A. svm7:/users

B. ntap7:/users

C. ntap7:/vol1

D. svm7:/vol1

Answer: B

What must be configured to support inter-cluster Snapmirror relationships?

A. Cluster peer relationship

B. Intercluster port role

C. Junction path for the mirrored volume

D. Minimum transfer size

Answer: A

A customer enables Storage Efficiency on a volume, intending to use compression only as data is written. The customer observes that compression is working, but deduplication processes are still running on a scheduled basis. The customer wants to use compression without deduplication as the data is written to the volume.

Which action will accomplish this task?

A. Enable post compression on the volume.

B. Create a custom efficiency policy and attach to the SVM.

C. Attach the default efficiency policy to the volume.

D. Attach the inline-only efficiency policy to the volume.

Answer: D

What are two FPolicy methods for applications? (Choose two.)

A. asynchronous

B. semi-synchronous

C. direct

D. synchronous

Answer: A,D

You create a 150 GB thick-provisioned volume. In that volume, you create a 50 GB LUN with space-reserve enabled. You create another 50 GB LUN with space-reserve disabled.

Before any data is written to either LUN or a Snapshot is taken, how much space will be available in the volume for additional LUNs?

A. 150 GB

B. 100 GB

C. 75 GB

D. 50 GB

Answer: B

A customer has configured SnapDrive for Windows to assist in creating Snapshot copies of a LUN. In SnapDrive, the transport protocol configuration uses the vsadminuser account for authentication. SnapDrive fails to connect to the SVM.

Why did this failure occur?

A. Transport protocol requires a domain Windows account.

B. The vsadmin account is locked or does not have a password.

C. SnapDrive requires a cluster-wide privileged account.

D. Transport protocol requires a local Windows account.

Answer: B

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