Passcert H11-848-ENU HCNP-CC(Fast Track) exam practice test

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Share some HCNP-CC H11-848-ENU exam questions and answers below.
Check after Tecal E6000 power-on, which is correct? (Select 3 Answers)

A. All fans from the full speed operation down to constant speed, there is no abnormal sound in the fan rotation, ventilation holes in the rear of the chassis have strong airflow. The running status of each fan module and power module is always on (green).

B. Check the status of the MM module: The ACT indicator of the primary MM module is on (green), the ALM indicator is OFF. The ACT indicator of the standby MM module flashes at a frequency of 0.5Hz (green).

C. Status indicators for all server blades and hard disk Active light flashes at a frequency of 1Hz (green).

D. The status indicators of all the switching modules are always on (green).

Answer: ABD

Which of the following statement about the role of the Tecal E6000 MM module is wrong?

A. can check the hardware and software version information of the device.

B. can manage power on and off of the device.

C. Cascading between different chassis

D. Remote KVM management

Answer: C

In U2990, which of the following process has nothing to do with the gateway subsystem?





Answer: B

Click-to-call failed, what are possible reasons? (Select 4 Answers)

A. The access code of the click-to-call skill queue configured in the "paramcode.js" file on the WECC server is inconsistent with the called number configured to access the click-to-call skill queue on the Web configuration station

B. Queue-side special routing access code configuration error

C. IP Gateway is not configured in the platform configuration

D. WEBM configuration error

E. Platform special routing access code configuration error

Answer: ABCE

What is the statistics of the report stored procedure return by?

A. character variable

B. no return data, just write the statistics in the table

C. Java interface

D. cursor variable

Answer: D

Which description about the product features of Tecal E6000 are correct? (Select 3 Answers)

A. Relative 2U rack server, under the same CPU/memory/hard disk configuration, energy consumption reduced by 20-30%.

B. Blade symmetry layout design, to avoid hot air "stack" to ensure that the memory, processor, hard drive cooling well.

C. Provides 82Gbps IO throughput, meet the demand of the Internet growing IO.

D. Provide 16.5Gbps backplane switching bandwidth, to meet the high-speed switching needs of HPC, energy, scientific computing and other areas.

Answer: ABC

Huawei IPCC network call center on the basis of the single point of call center, increase ( ) and ( ) function.

A. Network call routing and network call hold

B. Network call hold and network call transfer

C. Network call routing and network call transfer

D. None of the other

Answer: B

PRA log belongs to the relay module log of UAP3300.

A. True

B. False

Answer: A

In the system parameter configuration function, record playback is divided into two kinds: VP Playback (Queue Playback).

A. System playback

B. MediaPlay playback

C. AP playback

D. quality control playback

Answer: B

Which device does NRMS can not monitor in the following?

A. Share the agent

B. Share the device

C. NIRC state


Answer: D

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