[Passcert] IBM BPM Certification C9550-512 real questions

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Share some IBM Certified BPM Application Developer C9550-512 exam questions and answers below.
Why would a developer use JavaScript in business process definitions?
A. It¡¯s a way to declare variables to be used.
B. This is the only way to define business objects.
C. To create exposed process values for specific users.
D. To implement customized behavior in the process model.
Answer: A

What is the purpose of an event based undercover agent (UCA) in IBM Business Process Manager?
A. It ensures that timed events are triggering on schedule.
B. It monitors the transfer of tracking events into the Performance Data Warehouse (PDW).
C. It synchronizes shared business objects across one or more Business Process Definitions (BPD¡¯s).
D. It calls a service to handle a message event or a content event targeted for a Business Process Definition (BPD).
Answer: D

Which two statements are true regarding task assignments? Select two.
A. To assign a team of subject matter experts, select a team for the ¡°Experts Team¡± option.
B. A Team Filter Service can be used to dynamically configure the members of the team that is assigned to the task.
C. When Assign To is set to ¡°Team¡± the team that is assigned to the swim lane in the BPD will receive the task at runtime.
D. Tasks assigned to ¡°Lane¡±, ¡°Team¡± or the deprecated task assignment options can be viewed in the
Team Performance dashboard.
E. A process variable is required in the ¡°Team Filter Service Input Mapping¡± to receive the dynamic team that is returned by the Team Filter Service.
Answer: C,D

When defining a configuration option for a coach view, what does the ¡°Group Name¡± option allow you to do?
A. Map a list of business objects to the option.
B. Group all the configuration options in one collapsible section.
C. Apply a tag that can be searched using the Smart Folders feature.
D. Define a list object to hold all the configuration options with the same group name.
Answer: B

IBM Business Process Manager theme support is based on which open source CSS pre-complier?
Answer: B

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